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Event Resources 

To read a resource from our event, please click on one of the titles below. 

Global Institute and Visionary Awards 

Map of Venue
See an overview of the venue, Cipriani South Street

2023 Global Institute Booklet

Read information on this year's schedule of events, speakers, and more. 

2023 Global Institute Press Release

Read more about this year's institute.  

Panel Resource: Engaging a Diverse & NextGen Workforce & Workplace

To be referenced during the Engaging a Diverse & NextGen Workforce & Workplace panel during Global Institute. 

Demonstration Resource: Experience the Power of AI - Interactive Demos of Generative AI

Learn more about the top AI tools provided by ZenAcademy.

Panel Resource: Net-Zero and other Emission Reduction Target Pitfalls and the Rising Focus on Greenwashing

To be referenced during the Net-Zero and other Emission Reduction Target Pitfalls and the Rising Focus on Greenwashing panel sponsored by Vinson & Elkins.

Panel Resource: Business & Boards: Building Trust & Credibility with Stakeholders

To be referenced during the Business & Boards: Building Trust & Credibility with Stakeholders panel during the Global Institute.

Post Event Press Release

A summary of the two-day event. 

Global Institute Presenting Sponsor


Resources Provided by KPMG: 

AI, Metaverse and Emerging Tech 
Acceleration of AI ups the ante on governance
Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and the implications for governance and board oversight are front and center.  

Preparing for the Quantum Leap
Aaron Kemp, a director with KPMG Advisory Technology Risk, discusses the risks and opportunities posed by quantum computing in this interview


Breakthrough technologies also pose new security, privacy and ethical challenges and raise fundamental questions about trust in digital systems. The annual Cybersecurity considerations report identifies eight considerations that CISOs should prioritize in the year ahead.


Audit Committee Peer Exchange - CFO succession and finance organization talent management 

A recession won’t close the talent gap. In this paper, KPMG describes how companies can best use a modern talent agenda to identify, recruit, build, and retain the exceptional talent required to outperform in a more competitive marketplace.

Audit Committee Blueprint

The insights and suggested actions highlighted in this report, from the KPMG Board Leadership Center and NACD—including ten essential areas of audit committee focus—are designed to help every audit committee reassess its effectiveness and position itself for the future. 

Climate Change 

Board oversight of climate change- Guiding toward long-term value in a climate-change-impacted world In NACD’s Governance Challenges report, Susan Angele offers areas for focus and questions to consider as boards enhance their governance to integrate climate change issues into risk, strategy, culture, values, and relationships with stakeholders.

Economic Outlook 

In this biannual economic outlook report, KPMG’s Chief Economist Diane Swonk, considers the following questions:

  • When and will the U.S. enter what has been coined “the most anticipated recession on record?”

  • What will it look like if it does?

  • Why can’t we avert it, given the fact we know it is coming?

NextGen workforce and workplace of the future

Designing an evolved organization: The future is now

In response to the growing external and internal demands, organizations need to reimage and effectively change how they function. This paper delves into reimagining and changing how organizations function in response to change and disruption.

Clearing the career path - How employers can fill their talent pipeline from within

In the paper, KPMG discusses how modern career pathing, enabled by an internal talent marketplace, is essential to both developing employees and addressing the talent pipeline.

Private company & family business peer exchange - Where do Independent Directors add the most value?


On the 2023 private company board agenda

Global Executive Sponsor


Resources Provided by Pearl Meyer:

The Compensation Committee Blueprint

A visionary, yet practical roadmap for the next-generation compensation and human capital committee

The Compensation Committee’s Guide to Evaluating, Structuring, and Communicating Executive Incentives and Climate Issues

How do you structure a framework to include climate-related incentives in an executive compensation plan?

Building Board Inclusivity

Diversity, equity, and inclusion goals aren’t just for the organization; boards can also benefit from DE&I initiatives.

Reframing the Role and Impact of the Comp Committee

As human capital issues become an increasing area of responsibility, working relationships with management and advisors may evolve.


The Reader’s Guide to Pay Versus Performance

Members of Pearl Meyer’s Technical Services team share thoughts on how they suggest reading the new PvP disclosures and interpreting the data.

The Softening Economy and Incentive Design: A Compensation Committee Top Concern

There are still difficulties with goal-setting and investors may become impatient. Here are ideas for creating effective incentives amid uncertainty.


Are Today’s Directors Underpaid?

Data show board compensation grows at a very slow pace; is it enough to attract the caliber of director talent required for board service today?

Compensation & Human Capital Committee Peer Exchange

A presentation from the in-person peer exchange. 

WCD Partner


Resources Provided by IFC: 

Annual Report: FY22

During our 2022 fiscal year (FY22) we reached many milestones and made major strides toward achieving our three DEI strategic goals: gender equality, data-driven accountability, and inclusive leadership.

Tip Sheet

Guidance for Boards of Directors on Overseeing Gender-Based Violence and Harassment Risk

Gender Equality in Corporate Leadership (Regional Analysis)

Analysis of 3,246 issuers on 35 stock exchanges in 7 regions

Análisis de la igualdad de género en los directorios corporativos latinoamericanos

Closing the Gender Finance Gap Through the Use of Blended Finance

This note was produced to help public and private sector actors, including governments, foundations, financial institutions, and investors, learn more about blended finance tools and solutions that can help increase women’s access to capital and markets.

Stepping Up in a Time of Uncertainty

Annual Report 2022


Untapped Potential for Decarbonization: Scaling up Energy Efficiency

Using less energy to do the same work is the single action with the biggest potential gain on decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide we put into the atmosphere. A new report assesses World Bank Group support for energy efficiency and the potential for scale up to meet key climate goals

 2022 WCD Sept 12 062.JPG
Join the largest global network of women corporate directors to address the challenges and opportunities that corporate boards and executive teams face today.
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